Final Fantasy XIV: Machinist Guide

Are you like me? Are you also playing Final Fantasy XIV: Shadow Bringers to no end as you achingly wait for Endwalker to release at the end of November 2021? There's only so much we can grind and prep for, right?

Maybe you heard of the newest expansion coming out and that's why you decided to check out FFXIV now. Did some of the cool classes catch your eye maybe? What's that, you liked the Machinist and you want to learn more about them?

Well, we've got you covered! Our team of expert gamers here at G4mmo have come up with an all-in-one Machinist guide that will solve all your doubts, even acting as a FFXIV Machinist levelling guide.

I guess you're ready to be enlightened! Let's hop right into it!

FFXIV Machinist Levelling Guide

Unlocking the Machinist

Well, before we delve into any of the Machinist levelling aspects, we need to clear out how to exactly become a Machinist in the first place! So we have to talk about the FFXIV Machinist quests.

Among the FFXIV Machinist quests, the very first one that you will take on is the one that lets you unlock the class itself. As long as you have a Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic class levelled, you do not need to worry about any other FF14 Machinist unlock requirements.

Then all you need to do is visit The Pillars 15:10 and speak to the NPC Jannequinard to accept the first of the many FFXIV Machinist quests called "Savior of Skysteel". Once you complete the quest, you need to equip the "Soul of the Machinist", which is when you finally become a MCH i.e. a Machinist.

Machinist: Level 30 to Level Cap

Before we get into specifics, let us talk about the FFXIV Machinist rotation level 30 needs: this rotation will be all about simple skills and maneuvers to maximize offensive power.

Reload and Quick Reload make sure that the bullets in your gun always proc the next combo in your chain. Doing it without the two makes it so your combo is dependent on a chance! The key is to make every bullet count and be mindful of procs! This is all we can say for Machinist rotation level 30, as we still are just beginning. Thinking about the FFXIV Machinist weapons or even the FFXIV Machinist relic weapons are for another time!

For our FFXIV Machinist Levelling Guide, we'd advise you to take a no-nonsense approach when levelling the Machinist as you want to prioritize speed. There are a couple of areas that you need to focus on to gain experience faster than usual.

●You can carry on with Main Story Quests as long as it fits your level bracket. This principle remains the same throughout the levelling process till level cap
●Palace of the Dead is a quick option for exp, but it may start getting monotonous after a while.
●Take up Roulette Leveling due to the amount of exp it provides you, although as you gain levels, the dungeons may start getting increasingly boring.
●Do the Roulette Guildhest at least thrice to complete the 3x Guildhest challenge in the early game. This turns into an increasingly worse option as you level up, so only keep this for levels between 30-50.
●Spamming level-appropriate dungeons is never a bad idea, always have this on your list of priorities.

How to be a Good Machinist

No one likes a leech in their party, and that's why you need to know the Machinist a little better to start being the MVP that you are.

Machinists are based entirely off of chaining shots and the process they can dish out using the ammunition that they have. Most of their damage output comes from procs, so you need to focus on managing them to the fullest.

This FFXIV Machinist guide will talk about the 3 main concepts of MCH: the Gauss Barrel, the Ammunition, and the Turrets.

The Machinist gets access to the Gauss Barrel, which is an ability that stops all auto-attacks and puts a cast time on weapon skills. There are a few skills that are unusable without the Gauss Barrel equipped, but other than that, Gauss Barrel is almost entirely useless outside of AoE pulls.

Now the Ammunition is introduced with 2 skills: Reload and Quick Reload. One single round of ammunition increases potency by 20. Apart from that, Ammunition and Reassemble applies only on Lead Shot's initial hit, and not on the DoT. If ammunition is stocked, there is a 50/50 chance of chaining your Split Shots further and further to grand heights of burst damage, coming from any of the FFXIV Machinist weapons.

The Turrets act as a mix of the Summoner's pets and the Bard's songs. They receive reduced damage from AoE, while possessing a static amount of HP. They disappear from the battlefield when their HP depletes to 0. Turrets deal about 15% of the total damage from their Machinist's DPS.

These 3 concepts are essential to how a Machinist functions and mastering these will make you better at piloting the class and being a helpful member of the party you're in.

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Is Machinist Worth Playing?

Explaining exactly what the Machinist does so that you can have a clearer idea of what you're getting into is a tough task. They embody so many components: a heat gauge, a flamethrower, a battery gauge, a heck ton of skills, and a lot more, into a single class! There's so much for you to explore.

If you like the idea of a diverse class with a high skill cap that is visually appealing and technically complex at the same time, then Machinist may just be the right class for you.

And that has been our FFXIV Machinist Guide. Enjoyed our content? Make sure to check out our website for similar stuff!

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