5 Hardest Mounts to Get in Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV has more than hundred mounts available to collect in-game. Mounts are a really big part of collecting side of Final Fantasy XIV, and there is no shortage of ways to obtain a stylish ride. And today, we're checking out the rarest mounts in Final Fantasy XIV.

5. Amaro

amaro ff14

This mount is rare. Based on lalachievements website, the percentage of players that can call Amaro is 18,8%. Amaro basically the Chocobo in Shadowbringers area and Amaro also appear in the storyline.

To get this unique Chocobo, players must obtain "A Life of Adventure IV" by achieving level 80 in all disciple wars and magics. Yes, you need to achieve level 80 all your tanks, healers, and dpsclasses. Happy leveling!

4. The Tank Mounts

ffxiv tank mounts

Battle Lion for Paladin, Battle Panther for Dark Knight, Battle Bear for Warrior, and Battle Tiger for Gunbreaker. These are mounts that only can be claim by Tank classes. We're not sure why healers and dps classes didn't have their unique mounts, but we speculate that is because Tanks were less favored jobs.

To get these mounts, players will need to beat 300 dungeons, extreme trials, unreal trials, level 50/60/70 duty roulette dungeons, or duty roulette leveling - all of these dungeons need to be level 61 or higher as that class. If you want all four of these mounts you need to do this four times.

3. Centurio Tiger

ffxiv Centurio Tiger

The Centurio Tiger is some of the most impressive mounts in the game and it's really gorgeous. This tiger rarely ever seen, only 0.66% players have this mount. If you want this mount you better love hunts!

Players must complete "You Got Game" achievement to get this mount. To get that achievement you need to slay 3.000 A-rank elite marks and 2.000 S-rank elite marks. It takes more than a year of gameplay for someone that I know to get this awesome tiger. You better join the hunt discord now if you want this mount.

2. Astrope

ff14 Astrope

Unlike a lot of other mounts on this list, this mount is two-seater mount, so you can bring your friend to ride this mount together. Owned by roughly 0,4% of the population, Astrope is a mount that only for in-game Mentor.

Players who want to get this unique unicorn need to become mentor first, after you a become mentor you need to clear "I Hope Mentor Will Notice Me VI" achievement. That achievement requires you complete 2.000 duties via Duty Roulette: Mentor. Mentor Roulette only can be queue as solo, and you also can get Extreme Trial from this roulette! Now you know how challenging it is to earn this mount.

1. Pteranodon

ffxiv Pteranodon

Pteranodon is extremely rare mount, and if you already see this mount in-game you are super lucky. Only 0,18% players that have this mount, which make you imagine how hard to get this amazing mount?

Are you love crafting and gathering? Because this mount only can be ride by those players who love craft and gather. To get this mount you need to earn "Castle in the Sky" achievement that task you to earn 500.000 points toward your skyward score as every Disciple of the Handsand Lands. Yes, every single crafting and gathering classes. Skyward point can be earned by submitting a crafting item for Disciple of Hands and inspecting a gathering item for Disciple of Lands in Firmament. So, you need to get 500.000 points eleven times (3 DoL classes and 8 DoH classes) to get this mount.

Farming mounts in Final Fantasy XIV is a joyous occasion. We hope that this mounts list helps you find a new mount for you to farm. If you got no time to get FFXIV gil for mounts that you want, why not buy FFXIV gil at G4mmo.com.


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