FFXIV False Shaded Spectacles Guide

Looking to give a renegade look to your character? Or want to make it a bit smart looking? FFXIV’s 6.1 patch has got that covered. With two new fashion accessories added to the game, the developers are taking the appearance development of the characters quite seriously. Yet people wonder how is Final Fantasy 14 still popular in 2022?

Let’s look at what are the new additions, what’s their utility, and how you can get your hands on them.

What are False shaded and classic glasses?

False shaded and classic glasses are two new fashion accessories added to the new 6.1 patch of FFXIV. These two glasses give an extra kick to the facial appearance of the characters.

False shaded glasses are, as the name suggests, a concoction of sunglasses and spectacles that gives a rouge look to the character.

On the other hand, Classic glasses give the character a nerdy and intelligent look, making it look like a student or a geek. Both look fabulous on the characters, regardless of the look.

Purpose of Glasses in Fashion Accessory

The idea of having glasses added to the FFXIV fashion accessory is so that you can use them with other things in the game such as hats.

So, once you put on your shades, you will notice that you can summon them while wearing your hat. However, I would recommend you turn off your hat to get a better look at them.

You will also notice that the shaded glasses kinda look like Nero’s glass. I personally loved the detailed work on them. It looks like they have engraved or scratched that design on the glasses.

The only problem with fashion accessories is that you can not use them in combat, which is unfortunate. You can use the change pose feature to, of course, put your character in a pose that is suited the best with the glasses. The change pose button does nothing but change the pose of the character yet the developers decided to put that on the side of the glasses. Because who would not want to look cool, right?

That’s it. That’s the whole purpose of the glasses in fashion accessories in FFXIV- to add more facial appearance to the character. And, to pose of course.

I would definitely want to see some new bracelets or timepieces added to the accessory. If the new patch comes with a change where you could wear glasses with a Parasol, then it would be awesome. Also, it would be really nice if they enable us to use the fashion accessories in combat as well.

Now, let us address the elephant in the room.

How to get False Shaded Glasses?

In order to obtain the False Shaded Glasses, Warriors of Light must first complete the quest called "A Pup No Longer", the Grand Company at level 30.

This quest gives them the opportunity to sign up for player-against-player combat in Eorzea.

They can now unlock the recently revised Crystalline Conflict to gain XP tied to PvP from this location. The Series Level of a player's PvP Profile's Series Malm Stones can be advanced with the help of this XP.

Participants in PvP will receive Trophy Crystals as a reward at the end of each level. These Trophy Crystals can be traded in at the Wolves' Den in exchange for rare items.
Adventurers, on the other hand, will acquire a one-of-a-kind item every five levels they progress. They will be able to get the False Shaded Spectacles in Final Fantasy XIV once they have reached Series Level 15.

Wasn’t a big deal right? Similarly, here’s how you can get your hands on the Classic glasses.

The False Classic Glasses are a valuable item that can occasionally be looted from Level 90 Subaquatic Voyages of one's Free Company.

This is quite identical to Retainer Ventures; however, the entire process is carried out by the entire company rather than by a single participant. A minor difference.

Anyways, To be able to participate in these explorations into the ocean's depths in Final Fantasy XIV, players will need to construct a submarine and bring its Ventures level up to at least 90.

In addition, the ship must have a survey rating of about 220 in order for the player to have a chance of acquiring False Classic Spectacles as a potential loot drop from the dive spots.

For individuals who have not yet established their Subaquatic Voyages, the entirety of this attempt is not only challenging but also time-consuming. As a result, purchasing the lenses from the Market Board, which will cost several million Final Fantasy XIV Gil, may prove to be more convenient and may even be less expensive.


There you have it. The FFXIV shaded and classic glasses guide officially ends here. And if you’re done with making your character look dope, then get to some action in these top 6 best raid Dps in FFXIV. More so, if you fancy big rewards after big fights then this Final Fantasy XIV Dark Knight Guide will make you drool. See you soon. 


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