Final Fantasy XIV – Accessing Land of Eureka

This article covers all you need to know about the Land of Eureka. You’re welcome. Let’s dive in!

What is the Land of Eureka?

Patch 4.25 was a big, and much needed update for players like me who were simply itching for some new end-game content. With it, came the introduction of the Forbidden Land of Eureka Anemos. This is a brand-new 144 player instance exploration area with tons of new content, a new leveling system and an elemental structure. Let’s not forget…new gear! All things aside, Eureka can be a little overwhelming for casual players. (I kind of felt a bit lost when I first entered as there aren’t really any missions or objectives to start off with – besides having to talk to villagers when you arrive.) Things to take note of regarding Eureka:

  1. ● Eureka uses a separate leveling system called: Elemental level. You will start out at elemental level one.
  2. ● All your items level will be adjusted to 300 whilst exploring Eureka.
  3. ● You need to have finished the Stormblood main scenario quests.
  4. ● You have to be level 70.
  5. ● Every enemy you encounter will have some sort of element linked to it. And because of that, they will have weaknesses. It’s just like Pokémon in a way. Or, pretty much…any RPG? Whilst playing you will be able to attune to these elements, allowing you to become more stronger or, more resilient to certain elements. Here’s how the elements stack up against each other.

ElementStrong againstWeak against

How to enter the Land of Eureka?

**Remember you have to have finished the Stormblood main scenario quest before doing this. First things first. You will need to speak to Galiena at Rhalgr’s Reach and start the quest:

       ●“And We Shall Call It Eureka.”

You will be tasked with meeting up with Krile at Kugane. Once there a series of cutscenes will play out. You will then travel to the pier where you will gain access to the island. Keep in mind that when entering the Land of Eureka, you will have a limited time of 3 hours before you are kicked out. (Thankfully, you can return immediately.) When you want to return, simply speak to Rodney at the pier. You can either enter alone or as a party (up to 8 players). If entering as a party, everyone needs to be in Kugane when registering. Or you can join random players one inside.

Some tips to give you the edge

● I can’t stress this enough. Always complete challenges from the challenge log. Doing this every week can rack up some serious XP.
● Although leveling up is faster when in a full party, do not hesitate to enter alone. I always make this mistake in MMO’s where I avoid certain endgame content because I can’t find, or simply don’t want to join other players. This is not the case with Eureka. Whilst in Eureka, killing enemies that are at your level, will activate a kill chain. Doing this will rack up more XP than usual. This is also safer to do because once you hit level 6 you lose XP if you die. If you are in a team, its less of a worry because they can just revive you. (Prevents XP loss)
● Always be on the lookout for a certain fairies called Elementals. Occasionally, an Elemental will spawn. It will either provide you with a damage buff, or healing buff. Its entirely up to RNG which buff you end up with.
● If you are in a party, consider NM (Notorious Monsters) farms. Every FATE inside Eureka are NM FATES. Some only spawn after defeating a certain enemy and some only spawn with specific time/weather conditions. Taking them down will reward you with thousands of XP, anemo crystals and lockboxes. (Level dependent)

Enhancing Relic Gear Augmentation in Eureka

To enhance your job Relic Gear, you will need:
       ●  x1000 Protean Crystals
These can be acquired by killing NM. They will drop Anemos Crystals which can be exchanged for Protean Crystals. Once you have enough, head over to Gerolt (not to be mistaken with Geralt, from Witcher.) You can exchange the Crystals to obtain the proper version of your weapon. Anemos weapons can be further upgraded to Elemental – iLvl370. (Not only can Anemos gear be dyed any color but it will produce a unique color aura. The color will depend on what job class you are. This can help achieve some really satisfying looks.) To receive the Anemos variants, you will also need:
       ● x3 feathers of Pazuzu

The Magia Board

This should be your number one focus. The Magia board is the bread and butter of Eureka. With it, you will be able to increase your attack and defense against certain elemental type enemies. In Port Surgate, you will find a Magia Melder. This is where you can allocate Magicite to your board. Doing so will increase your elemental levels. Every player begins with 1 Magicite. Feel free to assign it to whichever element you find the most annoying or one which goes with your build. You can earn more, so don’t fret too much about which to choose. After allocating 5 points to the Magia Board, it will need to “recharge”. You can do so by visiting the Magia Melder, or the good old fashion way. Killing enemies. How exactly does the board work? Well, it works in two simple ways.

  1)  If you allocate Magicite to an element such as fire. (Enemy in instance is ice and is weak to fire) you will increase your attack.
  2)  If you allocate Magicite to the ice element (same as the enemy) you will increase your defense.

You can also, (limited to a refresh timer) freely spin a wheel which allows you to change your element depending on what you are versing. It does however cost x1 Magia Aether.

The 56-man public dungeon, Baldesion Arsenal

By far the hardest content in Eureka, and last on my Eureka guide. Save the best for last hey? This dungeon can only be entered in Hydatos, has a time limit of 25 minutes (timer is extended for each boss kill and for clearing a major room) and you must meet the following criteria:

● Be Elemental Level 60
● Completed Eureka Story
● Complete the FATE: “I Don’t Want to Believe”

The first encounter will spawn not one but two bosses. Art, The Black Spear and Owain, The White Spear. Both these bosses will need to be killed together. Regardless of how much damage you do, they will both stay alive until they are both at 1HP. After this, you will face Raiden, Absolute Virtue and then Proto Ozma.

This is very important so read carefully. Upon entering the dungeon, you will receive the following status effect: "Resurrection Restricted". During this status effect the only way to be resurrected is via limit break or the Logos Action Sacrifice L. Keep in mind that being KO’d here will result in you losing A TON of Elemental XP and levels. So do not enter this dungeon with the mindset of “I just want to see what this is about.” You will end up losing a lot of levels if you are not prepared and are downed.

However, players who do manage to survive this brutal dungeon, will be awarded with the Demi-Ozma mount. (Pictured below) Travelling whilst on this mount is a MAJOR flex.

Baldesion Arsenal should be last on your list of things to do in Eureka, and I highly recommend checking out some more in-depth guides/watching videos on the right setups to use when entering this dungeon.

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