ESO Best Public Dungeon for Items

Today, we'll discuss the greatest open dungeons in the Elder Scrolls Online for levelling up and gaining experience. Farming dungeons is actually a really good alternative. If you know the correct spots if you're like me and don't have time or interest in farming, producing materials, doing crafting grinds, or flipping stuff on guild merchants and you want to get some money quickly in eso.

We also gain a lot of experience from these locations as a side benefit. Therefore, you can level up a new character or a new skill line while you're mining gold.

So let's get started alright for our first location.

Rkindaleft- Wrothgar

 It is located northeast of Rkindaleft (See the Map).

You should kind of skip over the beginning, which is like the tunnels, until you get to this big open space with lots of room to move around. Most of your attention should be on the orcs. Because orcs leave behind spiders and gold. The gears they drop can also be sold for gold, so they're not all bad.

 When you're done with the first group of enemies, drop down to the lower bridge, where there's another group you should quickly kill. Once you're done with that group, drop down to the ground level and you'll find three more groups of orcs that you need to kill.

 Then keep going up the hill until you reach the next group. Put your merchant on the table to sell. Make sure your stock is clean so you can sell fancy things and other things you get.

 Kill all the orcs, take their stuff, go back to the beginning, and start all over again.

 Lion’s Den- the Rift

At first, you'll be taking in a view of a rather open area. I'm just going to go down this road. There will be a tonne of foes that you can group up with and drop down with your AOE.

 The following group needs to be finished up on the hilltop after that. Move across the bridge and loot this bunch before moving into the main Canyon region where there are many more hordes.

 Move over here to the hill's right side, where the tents are. Up here, there ought to be three or four groups. Once you've finished them, proceed down the hill where you should see three additional groups.

 Return to the door, pick up two or three more groups and repeat the process.

 Obsidian scar- Rivenspire

 Here, there are three very sizable sections. Because there are the most adversaries there, use the central area. Just finish them off, then go up the back steps to the waiting sets of four.

 When you're finished with them, simply go back to the beginning and repeat the process.

 Crimson Cove- Malabal Tol

There are three enormous rooms in this quite large dungeon. Pick one of the three, and make an effort to gather as many groupings as you can. If you can acquire more, pull more than three groups. Group them together, draw them into the centre, then release your AOE.

 In terms of loot, the middle location room is pretty decent. Here, you can easily obtain 300 or 400 gold. Pick the smaller groups by making an effort to circle back. In the previous zone, when we faced the necro enemies, a boss also spawns.

 Pick up the back tunnel now, which is filled with adversaries. Finish them if you want to gain more gold and experience points because more foes will start to reappear by the time you do.

 A number of chests appear in the rooms as well, so keep an eye out.

 The Vaults of Insanity

In the Elder Scrolls series, there is something so interesting about the planes of Oblivion.

On each plane, each version of the game is better than the last.

 The Vaults of Madness is the coolest-looking and fun-to-play dungeon in the game.

Players have to jump over floating debris, fight huge undead monsters, and fight a lich who can easily destroy the room he is in.

 As energy flows out from the lich, it breaks windows, which is an amazing visual effect for something that works in a boring way. The piece of the monster set is also great because it lets players call up a meteor when they deal fire damage. There is everything a player could want in this dungeon.

 The Blackheart Haven

 Blackheart does some cool things with its playspace. Most of the time, the last boss will grab the tank and turn it into a skeleton with special skills. The setting is very unusual because it takes place near a coast where ships are docked and pirates are around. Players won't be stopped from enjoying this unique dungeon by its hard mechanics.

 Banished Cells 1

Banished Cells I is one of the easiest dungeons in the game. It has a lot of enemies and fun bosses, but it still feels simple. There are no layers of mechanics in these boss fights, which makes the dungeon easy to get into. Most of the bosses in this area only have one attack that can stun players if they don't avoid it.

 It's not very original, but it fits well with ESO's great combat. When you add in a large number of minion enemies, these fights end up being a bit chaotic on Veteran mode.

 White Gold Tower

This is one of the first add-on dungeons for Elder Scrolls Online to come out. Because of this, this dungeon has extra rules that aren't in the dungeons in the base game.

 The boss that stands out here is the inheritor. She can't be taunted directly, so the tank has to touch a Pinion instead. Many public groups have died because of this mechanic, but those who have mastered it can get some great gear from the rest of the dungeon. The architecture of the Imperials in Cyrodiil and the cold setting of Coldharbour make this place look amazing.

 Vile Manse Lower Tunnel- Reaper March

This dungeon may be well known to many of you. There are many mobs, but they're dispersed and there aren't many large chambers.

 I'm going to show you a hidden quest location that appears beneath the zone, though, and I think it's much better for grinding. From the entrance to the dungeon, we will move leftward, pass a few pulls, continue down the hallway, and move to the bridge in the centre of the dungeon. You can enter the hole by descending from the bridge.

 Following two enormous rooms, there will be a number of halls filled with numerous foes. There will be a few pulls as you descend into the caverns to eliminate these enemies.

 When we get to our first room, we'll just kill the remaining guys. Repeat after me.


 Alright, that was our list of best public dungeons for items in ESO. We also have a guide on How To Get Rare Things in Elder Scrolls Online. make sure to check it out. Or you need to know Easiest Dungeons to SOLO in ESO, we’ve got you covered there too. Anyways, thanks for reading this guide. Meet you in another such ESO guide. Bye!


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