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  • Azaeya 2018-03-03
    Thanks so much!!!
  • ryan 2015-05-26
    much better than i thought. helpful service
  • trovy 2015-05-20
    sooooo happy i got chaos coins from the 10 chests i bought here. thank you so much
    Reply: That's really lucky. Congratz!
  • gustiv 2015-03-17
    When can i buy coins again?
    Reply: Sorry because of the price range we currently don't sell fifa coins
  • erhan 2015-03-09
    Can i have some free coins, pleease?
    Reply: Hello, sorry we dont give free coins, but we are giving big discounts on facebook now and will have giveaways there. Please visit thanks
  • gustiv 2015-03-08
    ^_^ bought 500k ps4coins, takes about 45 minutes. Not too bad. you guys are legit. thanks
    Reply: thanks a lot. We would keep doing better ^^
  • flashiii 2015-03-08
    hey, would there be a discount on your site?
    Reply: yes, we have discounts now, Please go to our facebook page and like the page and join our big discount. :)
  • elite 2015-03-08
    how long does the delivery take?
    Reply: Hello, it takes about 5 minutes to 48 hours depending on the specific situation. Mostly in 2 hours for ps3/ps4 coins, and a little longer for xbox coins and other consoles.
  • jesse laus 2015-03-07
    Hello, i'd like to know if i don't receive the coins, can i get a refund?
    Reply: Thanks for asking. This is very important. If it is because of delay, we will give you a full refund immediately after you request one. But if it is because you give us incorrect information so that a
  • asbatian 2015-03-07
    How can I get a discount code if I want to buy some coins?
    Reply: Hi, you can always visit our facebook and like the page for a discount code

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