PoE Atlas Tree Guide

Path of Exile is one of the best Free Play top-down action MMORPGs with some of the most different mechanics, which can be quite overwhelming for new players. This guide will assist you in making your Atlas Tree so that you can get back to slaying countless monsters in your dungeons.

Before we start this guide, we must disclose that this guide is simply a guideline, and you should feel free to change things however you see fit for your character. The Atlas Tree is meant to benefit your character's dungeon experience; most of the talents taken will benefit most builds. Without further ado, let’s get into the Guide.

 What is an Atlas Tree

If you are unfamiliar with Path of Exile, the Atlas tree may be something you’ve heard of but never experienced; as such, we will briefly describe the Atlas Tree. The Atlas Passive Skill Tree is a passive skill tree specific to the Atlas of Worlds.

Progressing through maps allows the player to obtain passive skill points to allocate in the Atlas tree to enhance the rewards and fights of maps within the Atlas of Worlds. There are over 600 points to allocate within the Atlas Tree, which can be overwhelming for new players or even veterans in PoE.

Essentially, it’s a dungeon-diving talent tree that enables harder enemies for better loot or just more chests per level.

With the brief description out of the way, let's look into the Atlas build we’ve got for you.

 Atlas Tree Build

As discussed, this build is purely made to help new players or players struggling with what to choose within the Atlas Tree. This build will cover basics that will impact your dungeons on a small scale while amping up rewards. There are three strategies for this build:


● Strategy 1: XP gain - Domination for shrines

● Strategy 2: Currency Gain - Abyss

● Strategy 3: Use Fortune favors the brave

 This is the link to the build, and we will understand why we chose what we chose.

 In this Atlas Tree build, we will be getting bonuses such as the additional maps per run (Prolific Essence) and additional strongboxes per run (Twice Tempted)

Keep in mind that these will only take four maps to acquire and we recommend going for Prolific Essence as fast as possible, as it will generate other essences for your map. After Prolific Essence, rush twice tempted as fast as possible to gain additional benefits from every Atlas Tree run.

Like Prolific Essences, we recommend rushing Supplication for other shrines throughout the dungeon runs once you’ve taken Supplication, head on to Ominous Arrival for another Harbinger per dungeon run.

Atlas Tree Build Progression

As we discussed, this build works off bonus map completions and is a guideline for those who want to spend less than hours going over each stat point. So we will highlight the most important ones to rush early, along with a small progression strategy guide.

 ● Firstly, let's rush out Twice Tempted and Prolific Essences - These talents will be incredibly useful to increase rewards and dungeon variability.

● Secondly, we want to focus on Rare Monsters and Spoils of War - These skill points allow for increased rare chances and more jewelry rewards that even impact the late game.

● Thirdly, the most important part of this building is the shrine's talents, namely Supplication. This talent allows for additional shrines and everything before it increases the duration of shrine effects during the map, meaning players can have a 100% speed buff active throughout the entire map.

 Once you’ve gone down those paths, remember to take all shrine buff increases, such as:

 ● Domination Shrine Duration

● Domination Shrine Chance

● Drawn To Power

Drawn to Power and Domination Shrine increases make maps more pleasant to complete. They increase Shrine output, duration, and damage increases, making clears 10X easier, so we recommend rushing these ASAP.

 Once you’ve completed the Shrines and Map Bonuses, we recommend going for the following:

● Royal Guard - Increased chance of getting Rouge Exiles that accompany bosses

● Exile Currency Chance - Works well with Royal Guard

● Shaping the Valleys - Loads of really needed buffs to all loot rewards (Increased amount of rewards - the rarity of rewards etc.)

● Backup Cache - Another important loot reward talent that enables different currency from Strongboxes.

● Shaping the Skies

● Underground Kingdom

These are just a few map altercations that enable increased rewards along with more enemies to give you those additional higher-quality rewards.

 Final Points - Summary

Atlas Tree is a fun and unique talent system which benefits your Atlas dungeon runs; as such, the build we have outlined in this guide is purely designed to increase rewards and give small bonuses to completion. This guide’s build can be manipulated to your play style and serves as a way to give you many rewards without having to spend hours staring at, what we would consider, an overwhelming talent tree. Follow this build to the T if you wish to have an easier time leveling up without thinking about it or modifying it to your tastes; that’s the beautiful part of Path of Exile; everyone can have their unique play style and builds that suit their characters.

 If you need help with anything Path of Exile-related, check out our news section for all path of exile-related articles, along with our store, which can help you get much-needed PoE currency safely and effectively. As always, happy dungeon diving!


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