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A Case for Leveling Tailoring: WoW Classic

10/21/2020 AM
So you've rolled a new character in World of Warcraft classic, and come to realise that you should really pick a profession early in the game so that you can keep up as you level. For sure, the earlier you decide on your professions, the more smoothly the process will go for you in general. Luckily with tailoring though, it is quite easy to level no matter late you start, as long as you put in the proper preparation.

World of Warcraft classic Tailoring guide

This guide will consider both ends ofthe spectrum of potential readers - both the new player or newly rolled characters, and the higher leveled or more seasoned players. When you are just starting out, of course you should be considering professions that not only provide you with utility, but that provide you with some handy cashflow. Overall, though, the most important thing to remember is that you do what you want, and don't feel like you're forced into any choices that would make your gameplay experience any less fun!

Tailoring for new players and characters:

For starters, tailoring is an obvious choice for utility if you are a cloth wearer, or caster of any kind. A lot of what tailoring can provide you with, as you might imagine, is gear for cloth-wearers and casters. Fortunately for a lot of newly rolled squishy clothwearing characters out there, tailoring is a perfectly suitable choice (oftenpaired with enchanting) as a profession that can aid you all the way to 60 and beyond. What makes tailoring different from other main professions is that it does not generally require a gathering profession to get your main source of materials: cloth. Sure, there are a few recipes that require a couple ofleather hides or gemstones here and there, but anyone can loot cloth from corpses, and that's what makes tailoring so efficient and suitable for anybody, not just casters. 

Think about it, you basically have a free second profession slot available for whatever profession you'd like. Perhaps you would like toget some extra money by picking up herbalism or skinning, or maybe you really like the sound of engineering but don't want to do all that boring mining. Tailoring lets you turn some of that cloth into useful items you can either use or onsell to other players, and fund your other activities!

TIP: Each of your characters only has two main profession slots available. Unless you really enjoy the idea of gathering professions, I would really consider choosing two professions that are useful for actually making things. In my opinion, gathering professions are just another time sync, another grind! If you want to be free from the grind, consider checking out G4mmo and purchasing some in-game currency. More on that later.

World of Warcraft classic Tailoring

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Tailoring for the late levelover-achiever:

If you're reading this from the perspective of a badass priest with endgame in your eyes, then you've surely heard of the "Truefaith Vestments". Google up "World of Warcraft Priest" and it's basically the default character model chestpiece that defined the class in vanilla, and for a good reason. Any priest worth his weight knows how good this piece of gear is, and it is often cited as the sole reason for wanting to pick up tailoring and level it to 300 in the first place. Second place goes to the "Bloodvine Garb" set available after the release of Zul'Gurub, which is a game changer for Warlocks (and it's bind-on-equip)! And let's not forget the Mage equivalent, the "Gown of the Archmage". 

If you have just picked up tailoring and are wondering how to get it levelled quickly and efficiently, I would definitely cite dungeons as the most efficient way to farm the cloth you need. Better yet, use some of your extra gold to buy your way to level 300 – that's the great thing about professions like tailoring – the resources are always available and usually not that expensive. If you're looking for ways to help you with your gold supply, read on!

At the beginning, no matter how you spinit, there is going to be a serious outlay of either time or gold, but likely both, so that your tailoring both gets up to max level, and you can get a hold of some of the most sellable patterns. Once you have that groundwork, though, you have one of the most valuable professions as far as selling your services to others! I would seriously consider giving yourself a headstart by checking out G4mmo, buying some gold to fund your 'business, and reap the rewards later down the line. You will definitely make back your investment in gold several times over, and be one of the most popular people in your guild!

As far as professions go, leveling tailoring is very straightforward and the resources, if not always available for sale at a good price, are always readily farmable by hitting up humanoids in any zone or farming dungeons. Again, because there is no gathering profession associated with tailoring, it is quick and simple to level up, especially if you have some extra cash on hand to help the process along.


Here are a couple bonus reasons that make tailoring special, and why it remains close to my heart.

1. Fancy dress.

Yeah, it sounds stupid, and it is. But who doesn't like to dress up? You don't? Well, a lot of us do! And by far the most useful profession for making items that will make you stand out at your next guild event are made through tailoring. Undershirts, tuxedos, dresses, hats, fancy shoes, and more! Not the most utility in this reasoning, but hey, this is a game, so have fun with it!

World of Warcraft classic fancy dress

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2. Bags

Let it be known that bags save you time, and time is your most precious resource in this game. Don't waste your TIME limping back and forth between vendors when you could have just lugged whatever you want, whenever you want, all the time! Tailoring makes having bagspace a lot easier, since you are the one that crafts the packs!

3. Versatility.

I've mentioned it before, but I'll say it again; tailoring is such a versatile profession that I think just about any other profession could go well with it. Personally, I had a priest back in vanilla who was a tailor/engineer. Strange combination, you would think, but I loved it! Tailoring is a no brainer for a caster, and nobody expects you to pull a bomb out of your backside when they jump a priest in PvP! One of my favourite things to do was jump off of a cliff after using 'Rocket Boots' and activating 'Levitate', you can fly so far! On top of all that fun with engineering, I could still craft things useful for my caster all the way up to level 60 and beyond! Incredible!

If I'm honest, though, there comes a point where gold becomes a problem and you're forced to make a serious choice in the game; have less fun and do less things, or do more things but grind it out beforehand. In the latter situation, you are spending just as much, if not more time doing the same old gold grind that everybody loves to hate. I can safely suggest a third, wildly popular but little discussed option that you may not have considered - trading real money for WoW Classic gold. I mentioned before that time is your most important resource here, andyou really don't want to be spending time on gold grinding that should be dedicated to having fun! All it takes is a quick visit to and youc an be having more fun with the game than you ever thought.

So that's it, just a few thoughts on the idea of tailoring and how you should go about deciding whether it's for you. For more info about G4MMO, hit up the website and talk to the 24 hour live customer service! You won't be disappointed!



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