A Completely Guide of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Covenant

When World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is released for a few days on Mac and PC, it will bring several new changes and features. One of the biggest new features in the newe xpansion for World of Warcraft is the covenant that players can join. However, before you decide who you want to ally with, you will need to test each person's signing ability and then choose which covenant in Shadowlands is appropriate for them.

What is the covenant?

wow shadowlands Covenant

Covenant is one of the main systems implemented in the latest World of Warcraft expansion.There are four covenants, each of which occupies one of the main areas within the ShadowLands. Each of the four Covenants has its own class and signature abilities. So the key is to make the right choice for your character.

Rogue Covenant Choices

Not sure which World of Warcraft Covenant to choose? World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is here and the first decision you need to make after you reach the maximum level of 60 is which Covenant to choose.

There are four Covenants in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, each of which rules over a specific area of the afterlife. The Kyrians are angels who live in the Bastion, while Necrolords are mainly sorcerers and warlords who come from Maldraxxus. The Night Fae live in Ardenweald and are the guardians of nature. Mean while,the vampire Ventyr lives in Revendreth, the place where Sire Denathrius and Castle Nasria Remnant attacked. Depending on who chooses to join the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Pact, they will have access to class-specific pact skills as well as the signature skills of all pact members.

The choices you make will affect the skills you can use, the Soulbinds you choose for othertop-level talents, and when you can use Conduits. Each covenant has pets, mounts, hearthstone looks, and armor sets that allow them to transform and can only be used by members of that faction. Which covenant is best for Rogue class? This is your guide to everything you need to know in WoW Shadowlands.

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Special Shadowlands Covenant Events

Night Fae

Each covenant has a special event that you can complete to improve your position in the campand receive rewards. These events are very different and must be completed again and again. So keep this in mind when you make your decisions.

Kyrian's special event is Path of Ascension, which consists of a series of single combat challenges. Not only can you choose wins for your fights, but you can also use Covenant-specific techniques to create items and temporary items for yourself and your Soulbind character for each contest. Not far from the real RPGfighter.

Kyrian'ssignature ability is Summon Steward, which summons a steward to bring you a Phial of Serenity that, when consumed, restores 20% of your health and eliminatesall curses, diseases, poisons and bleeding effects.

The Necrolord event is the Abomination Factory, which allows you to make a temporary undead companion that performs various tasks including restoring your health, collecting, cheering you up, and even carrying around fast speed. It allows you to show your creativity for more benefit.

The Necrolord's covenant ability is Serrated Bone Spike, which embeds bone spikes into a target and deals 10% of the physical damage of Attack Power every 3 seconds until death. When you attack with Serrated Bone Spike, all your active Bone Spikes break and hit your current target. This increases the initial damage of each spike by 100%.

The Necrolords also has an excellent signature ability, Fleshcraft. This ability forms ashield that absorbs up to 20% of your maximum life span for 2 minutes. If the shield is channelled near a corpse, it will increase to 50% of your maximum health and more for larger enemies.

The special event of Night Fae is the Queen's Conservatory, where you take care of a soulgarden that is ready to be reborn. If you succeed in optimizing the conditions for rebirth, you will receive a cache of rewards, including resources, mounts,pets and cosmetics.

The Night Faeskill is Sepsis, which infects the target's blood and deals 162.89% of the natural damage of attack power for 10 seconds. If the target does not surviveits entire duration, it takes an additional 77.57% of attack power damage and you can use each stealth skill once for 5 seconds.

Venthyr's special event is the Ember Court, where you recruit guests and collect items, performers, and supplies to keep them happy. Then you take care of them at the big party, which is really fun. Think of it as the World of Warcraft version of The Sims: Vampire Party Edition.

The skill of the Venthyr Rogue class is Whiffle. Whiffle hits the target three times with Anima, each time dealing 68% attack power, shadow damage, and a 60-second conviction. Each combined combination point deals additional damage.

Venthyr's signature ability is Door of Shadows. This 1.5-second cast has a range of 35 meters and allows you to walk through the shadows to appear undetected at the target location.

How do you choose the best World of Warcraft Covenant?

wow shadowlands covenants

If that's how it feels, that's what it's all about. Even as Blizzard made the final adjustments over the weekend, the changes to the Covenants came to a standstill. But remember, the design of the covenant allows you to use most of it for almost anything over time. If you're not a Progress Raider or PvP player, you can safely select any covenant without confusion.

Even if you are more satisfied with the results of the destruction and recovery simulations, you can still choose between the two most important agreements in the simulation. Adjustments and settings may continue. This means you can close the call from time to time, regardless of what you choose. During this change, a plenty of wow gold will do great help.

In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, it is possible to change covenants, although it will be difficult to return to them when players leave - so adventurers must choose wisely. Other class-specific abilities are also available, but each covenant member can use the alliance's signature ability.


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