Why you should choose g4mmo.com to buy gold

As mmorpg becomes more and more popular, a large part of players will choose to do RMT to enjoy more fun in-game, and the best way nowadays we have for RMT is goldselling sites. They play as the middleman collecting gold from some players and selling them to others, making the market run normally. Up to now, there already exist maybe hundreds of such sites. Among so many sites, why should you choose g4mmo.com?


Definitely not a scam site.

Every player who buys from a goldselling site will be skeptical whether this site is a scammer. It is quite natural, for there are sites that are intentionally built to scam. They take customers’ money but never send them the gold or item. This will never happen at g4mmo. As you can see from About us, it’s been eight years for our team to be in the mmorpg secondary market. We are sincere to our customers.


Safe gold and safe powerleveling.

As is known to all, there are hackers who steal others’ account and gold and then sell these gold to some other players. These gold are illegal which will be taken back by the game company and very possibly the buyer’s account could be banned. G4mmo, otherwise, avoids any connection with hackers and the gold we have are collected from those players who have large surplus, so that the gold you buy from us are all legal.

On the other hand, when we do powerleveling for you, none of your information will be used by us without your permission. More about powerleveling, please read our Disclaimer.


Honest and sincere to customers.

We do not guarantee you a definite delivery time like other sites because we know the stock is changing very quickly and less popular realms need more time to deliver, but what we can guarantee is that the gold will be delivered as quickly as we can. And we also have made it clear about what we can do for you and what you should notice in our Disclaimer. We are to be honest and sincere to all of you.


Open social networks.

Our social networks are open to the public so that everyone can share their experience purchasing from g4mmo.com. Through these platforms, you will know whether our service is good or not and we can also listen to your suggestions to make us even better.

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