Warm notice: Member Center update on Oct.11, 2016

Dear customers,

We have updated our member system and once you register as our member, you will enjoy certain member benefits and more discounts.

1. Order status checking any time in member center.

2. Member points offsetting a certain amount of money before checkout. (No more than 5%)

3. Member discount from 1%- 5% according to your member rank. (Price automatically lowered after login)

4. Members before this update still own the points theyve earned before.

5. How to earn points? By registering, youll get 75 start points. Each successful consumption will earn you certain points. (1USD=1pts, 1EUR=1.2pts, 1GBP=1.3pts) Payments before login will not yield any point, so please make sure youve logged in before you buy anything.

Member Rank

Points Rank

Points Exchange Rule

Member Discounts


Junior Member

75≤ Present points < 300


Gold 1%  Item 1%

1 USD=1 point

1 EUR=1.2points

1 GBP=1.3 points

Standard Member

300≤ Present points < 800


Gold 1%  Item 2%

Senior Member

800≤ Present points < 1500


Gold 2%  Item 3%

Platinum Member

1500≤ Present points < 3000


Gold 2%  Item 4%

Super Member

Present points > 3000


Gold 3%  Item 5%

Thanks for choosing G4mmo and hope you have a good purchasing experience here. Please keep contact with us via LIVECHAT if you have any problem or email to support@g4mmo.com.