Top five things WOW players regard as the most significant

In the fantasy world of WoW, players can be separate pursuits. Some players like to collect all kinds of equipment. Some are crazy for achievements. And some take a delight in collecting hundreds mounts…..So, what is the most important thing in player eyes?

Top 5: Equipment

Equipment can be regard as the most important theme throughout World of Warcraft. Horde players were crazy for Moonshadow Staff , and Alliance fought for Mr Punch Copper Compass. Both of them were ‘epic’ equipment for the new WoWer. And enter the generation of level 60, Hunters and Priests started farming Scholomance for Headmaster’s Charge. Warriors cost a mass of Gold in order to make Arcanite Reaper. In TBC, Warriors devote themselves to Stormherald, an epic Mace from Blacksmithing. And Rogues expended many energies and time on Black Temple just for The Twin Blades of Azzinoth. We are keeping up with the changing equipment in each WoW expansion, but never succeed. We continuously pay out, little return, even opposite, but no one regrets.

Top 4 Mount
From old world to now, mount has always been an important part of WoW. ZUG’s Swift Zulian Panther and Armored Razzashi Raptor, TAQ’s Qiraji battle tank, etc are all enviable mounts. Time to TBC, Swift Nether Drake and Ashes of Al'ar made players crazy again. Of course, we can’t forget the time to farm Mimiron's Head in Ulduar in the time of WLK.

Top 3 Achievement
Since achievement system released, there appear a lot of achievement collectors in WoW. Perhaps they regarded WoW as a single-player game, and regarded themselves as the diligent explorers. They soar above the vast Azeroth and complete the impossible quests as a pleasure. They don’t get tired of searching the world just for those cute pets. So, the changes of expansions can’t affect them. 

Top 2 Title
At the beginning of WoW, titles are very previous, especially PvP titles. Since Old World, Grand Marshal and High Warlord have been always the most valued title. There may be dozens of Scarab Lord-title players, some Ashbringer in a WoW sever, but may not be a Grand Marshal or High Warlord, because these two titles were very hard to obtain. You must keep killing enemy players for around 3 months to accumulate enough honors, and then get a chance to acquire the titles. There are only 4 Grand Marshals/High Warlords in a sever in a week, so your honors should be the top 4 of your sever. Besides, the titles would be removed if your honors drop to under top 4. So, it is really a kind of glory if you got the title of Grand Marshals/High Warlords.

Top 1 Friend
The things we talked at above are all virtual stuffs. However, the friends you met in World of Warcraft are real. Azeroth is very large. Friends can accompany you to go through joys and sorrows. You can cover any topic you like without scruple. Regardless of WoW changes, we were friends in ten years ago and we are still friends in ten years later. Although we grew up with our characters, our friendship will last forever. Now, WoD is coming. It is time to call your friends to begin a new journey. 


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