Path Of Exile Heists Guide

Grinding Gear Games are still busy, as they include a preview of the Path of Exile patch 3.12.4, which will bring some improvements to Heist and gems of alternative quality.

Path Of Exile Heists

The patch will be released sometime this week. It will be released first on PC and then on consoles. The improvements to Heist League are extensive and range from bug fixes to further enhancements. Some of the more general improvements include:

  • The quest series on Freidrich Tarollo, the leader of the slave traders, has been activated.

  • Added more room for your rogue allies toplay before they are interrupted by a job they are working on.

  • Unique contracts can now be placed on the Unique Collections tab.

  • The Passive Tree window is now in the same position when you reopen it as it was when you last closed it. Exceptions to this rule are the first time you open a character after logging in to the character (for characters below level 8) or if you have unspent passive AscentPoints and a visible passive Ascent Tree.

The latest Heist League of Path of Exile introduces a completely new ecosystem to the game's progress and handicap system. Nine NPCs, hundreds of new items, copies, and raids themselves give Path of Exile a range of content never before seen in recent leagues.

This means it is easily one of the most confusing leagues for those new to the game or even experienced players. Equipping thieves and understanding Grand Heists can make learning confusing. Fortunately, they are not as intimidating as they seem. From understanding the mechanics of Heist to general tips, here is a complete guide to the new Heist quests introduced in the Heist League of Path of Exile.


Every enemy in the Path of Exile raid alliance has the ability to drop Rogue markers, special coins that open portals to Rogue Harbor. Players can also find contracts from killed enemies and unique caches to trigger raids in Rogue Harbor.

Contracts behave like cards, with each contract having an area layer that indicates the monster's power. These missions will also point out required skills, collages that appear, and a list of changes that may occur if the contract is incredible or rare. As with thecards, players can use money items to change these contracts, increasing the rewards but increasing the difficulty. Contracts are already available in Act 1 and are spread across almost all areas. When the player gets tired of creating or leveling cards, making contracts is a significant change of pace on the side that pays off well.

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Alert level

Path Of Exile Heists guide

The most noticeable change from the typical content and raid of "Path of Exile" is the alert level. This level is filled in based on open fields and is detected by certain objects in the environment. While the developers have announced plans to change the alert level system in the future, killing the target will not increase Heist's alert level after a recent patch.

Take as many objects as possible on the way to the target, but be aware of the number of boxes that count towards the meter. Smaller point level locker boxes generate far fewer alarms than larger side locker boxes. If the alert level in a raid is 100% or more, the player has a short time to steal the target item before it is finally closed. Breaking open the locker with the target item starts with the next part of the raid.


Signing normal contracts pays off byitself, but players who are well equipped and have advanced thieves may want to sign some big raids. These are called game plans and serve as contracts that must be planned before the start.

Blueprints have several roles, and these roles should be fulfilled by the rogue party. Unlike contracts, blueprints consist of multiple wings that act as independent raids. Uncovering these wings costs Rogue markers and intelligence. When everything is planned, the player can stamp the blueprint and start a mission. The mission itself works just like the treaty, but with more levels and better loot to complete the mission. More high quality gems and copies of unique items can be found in the blueprint.


The blocking begins as soon as the player has placed the target item in the inventory. During this phase, enemies will flood the level in large numbers. The player must return to the beginning of the level and escape without dying. Spots during this time will result in all stolen items being left on the floor. It is highly recommended to take a deception totem, a servant or a agricultural control measure with you to better handle choke combat, as defenders can easily shoot on sight when entering newrooms.

Techniques to maximize Heists

Techniques to maximize Heists

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Some of the mechanisms in Heist are dark, but very important. The biggest example is smuggled goods. Players usually lose these items when they die, but players who have acquired valuable contraband items have the option to return to the exit to end the raid. If you travel to the level, the items will continue to exist after death. Then return to thelevel and plunder the remaining items.

Another unique mechanism is the ability to place certain rogues in multiple jobs during the design. When you do this, multiply their passive benefits and item effects by the frequency with which they areused. For example, if you use "Lava" for three different jobs in the blueprint, its ability to lower chest alarms will triple! Place the best poe items among the thieves in several missions to get the biggest rewards.