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How to Get Rewards in Animal Crossing New Horizons' Wedding Season

06/05/2020 AM

Boot Animal Crossings: New Horizons on June 1st and Isabella welcomes you to a PSA that lets you know that love is in the air. In the end. It implies that the entire month of June is the wedding season in play, which means that you have to do new things and, more importantly, earn new items.

And how are you going to earn it? Naturally tasty photography.

What is wedding season?

After hearing Isabella's announcement, your virtual bag begins to hum. It is Harv, whose nearby island you have probably visited. There is a photo studio on this island that was little more than a novelty, but it is now in use. He says he needs a little favor and that some "cute people" have to take their photos.

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As soon as you go to his island, you will find that the cute people in question are Reese and Cyrus, two alpacas you may or may not have met in the 3DS game Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It's their anniversary, says Harv, and they're after some celebratory photos. He has a studio but no props and wants you to help them by providing these props and styling their sets.

If you do Harv's work for him, you will be rewarded with limited items.

What rewards can I get?

Every day the couple will ask about a different topic and give you a different item to help them. On the first day, you need to recreate a wedding ceremony using items that Reese has prepared for you. The reward is a wedding bench. On the second day, you will be asked to create a wedding reception set and you will be connected to a wedding table for all help.

There are a few more items with special requirements: you get the Cyrus and Reese photo board for six days if you want the thing for any reason. On the seventh day, Harvey will give you the DIY recipe for the wedding fence, which is actually a pretty little piece. And on the seventh day you get the Cyrus wand. That should be all you need to end the event unless you get really maximalist.

You can also get heart crystals from Reese. The more she likes the set, the more she'll give you that you can exchange with Cyrus for other wedding items. New items are unlocked every day for a period of seven days.

 Here's a full list of them all:

Wedding bench: 5 heart crystals.

Wedding decorations: 3 heart crystals.

Wedding table: 6 heart crystals.

Wedding chair: 3 heart crystals.

Wedding flower stand: 4 heart crystals

Wedding candle set: 4 heart crystals.

Wedding head table: 6 heart crystals.

Wedding cake: 5 heart crystals.

Wedding pipe organ: 40 heart crystals.

Wedding arch: 20 heart crystals.

Wedding greeting board: 5 heart crystals.

White wedding wall: 12 heart crystals.

Wedding party wall: 12 heart crystals.

Brown wedding wall: 12 heart crystals.

Green wedding wall: 12 heart crystals.

White wedding floor: 12 heart crystals.

Brown wedding floor: 12 heart crystals.

Green wedding floor: 12 heart crystals.

Blue wedding carpet: 4 heart crystals.

Red wedding carpet: 4 heart crystals.

White wedding carpet: 4 heart crystals.

Cake dress: 20 heart crystals.

Wedding tuxedo: 20 heart crystals.

Wedding pumps: 6 heart crystals.

Wedding shoes: 6 heart crystals.

Bridal veil: 12 heart crystals.

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