Fun on Normal In Diablo III

Topic: 136 hours to finish Normal
Wizard - 48 hours
Monk - 26 hours
Demon Hunter - 47 hrs
Barbarian - 11 hrs
Witch Doctor - 4 hrs
It's average if you don't take just one character and race through the game. If you take the time to create other characters (including 2 hardcore characters) and level them as well.

It did not take me 136 hours on ONE character to beat the game on Normal. It took me 136 total hours played before I beat Normal.

One Diablo fan told us he spent 136 hours on normal from “”.

I think the game is plenty of fun on Normal. For a lot of folk Normal difficulty is all they need. Diablo fans do realize that people play games for fun, and not to stroke their own ego or look cool in the eyes of others. We can enjoy the game, the reword and the Diablo 3 gold by explore everything.

Normal = tutorial mode, the game doesn’t even really get fun till nightmare imo.

While Inferno's being (hopefully) ironed out, I think re-running the game on lower end difficulties is a much better way to enjoy it.

I wouldn't stop at normal, personally, since so much of the game isn't even there, but still, taking your time in the first three difficulties is not a bad idea.

I’m happy for that Diablo fan, because he is enjoying the game at normal. I will agree however, that the game doesn't even really start until Nightmare. Even for a casual player such as myself, everything is just way more fun in Nightmare and beyond. Without any risk, there is no reward. Normal difficulty offers ZERO risk, so the reward feels so shallow.

Nightmare to me was about the "sweet spot" as far as difficulty goes. Hell is very fun as well, but would probably be considered difficult by many casuals, especially those who don't worry about "optimal" builds, gear, etc.

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