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FIFA 21 Five-star Skillers and Moves

09/16/2020 AM

There is less than a month until the launch of FIFA 21. To add to the excitement as usual, EA Sports has announced the top 100 players for the latest edition of the game and has announced 52 five-star players in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Juventus superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Paris Saint-Germain Kylian Mbappé and Neymar are among the players to earn the featured five-star skills in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 5-Star Skill players

The trio are once again among the best players in FIFA 21, and the two PSG stars and forward Juventus or Piemonte Calcio are also among the best players in the game.

Each year, the list of players awarded with five-star skills is among the most sought after in the game, as they have an arsenal of skills that make them the most dangerous and entertaining players in the game.

The roster generally includes players like Ronaldo, Mbappé and Neymar, as well as highly respected dribblers like Alan Saint-Maximin, Stephen El Sharaawy, Vinicius Junior, and Yannick Bolasie.

Also included are some big names towards the end of their respective careers, with Franck Ribéry, Nani and Zlatan Ibrahimovic still considered some of the best dribblers in FIFA 21.

Listed here are all the players who were rated as five-star players in the latest edition of the game and as such can make the brightest moves, as long as their user can.

FIFA 21: Five-star Skillers

92Cristiano RonaldoSTPiemonte Calcio (Juventus)
91NeymarLWParis Saint-Germain
90Kylian MbappeSTParis Saint-Germain
87Angel Di MariaRWParis Saint-Germain
87Jadon SanchoRMBorussia Dortmund
87Roberto FirminoCFLiverpool
86Paul PogbaCMManchester United
85ThiagoCMBayern Munich
85Riyad MahrezRWManchester City
85Memphis DepayCFLyon
85Hakim ZiyechCAMChelsea
85Marcus RashfordLMManchester United
84Douglas CostaLMPiemonte Calcio (Juventus)
83Zlatan IbrahimovicSTAC Milan
83MarceloLBReal Madrid
83Wilfried ZahaLMCrystal Palace
83Martin OdegaardCAMReal Madrid
83Philippe CoutinhoCAMBarcelona
83Ousmane DembeleLWBarcelona
82Quincy PromesCAMAjax
81MarlosRMShakhtar Donetsk
81Eduardo SalvioRMBoca Juniors
81Joao FelixCFAtletico Madrid
81Xherdan ShaqiriRMLiverpool
81Juan CuadradoRBPiemonte Calcio (Juventus)
81Franck RiberyCFFiorentina
80NaniLWOrlando City
80Vinicius JrLWReal Madrid
80David NeresLWAjax
80Federico BernardeschiCAMPiemonte Calcio (Juventus)
80Allan Saint-MaximinLMNewcastle United
80Gelson MartinsRMAS Monaco
79Stephen El ShaarawyLWShanghai Greenland Shenhua
79Ignacio PiattiLWSan Lorenzo
77Ricardo CenturionRWVelez Sarsfield
77Amine HaritCAMSchalke
75Yannick BolasieLWEverton
75Marcelino MorenoCMLanus
74EvanderCAMFC Midtjylland
73Matias FernandezCMColo-Colo
73Luciano AcostaCAMAtlas
73Jorge CarrascalCAMNunez (River Plate)
73Chanathip SongkrasinCFHokkaido Consadole Sapporo
72Alexandru MaximCAMGaziantep
72Farid BoulayaCAMFC Metz
71Aiden McGeadyLMSunderland
70Silas WamangitukaSTStuttgart
69Juan Diego RojasRWDelfin SC
69Gary Mackay-StevenRMNew York City FC
68IlsinhoRMPhiladelphia Union
67Rayan CherkiCAMLyon

fifa 21 Top 5-star skillers

What are the 5 Star Skills Moves in FIFA 21?

Players with five-star skill moves are so important on FIFA, capable of getting through the tightest of gaps and beating the best defenders. When the right skills are used at the right time, five-star skillers can be unstoppable. That’s why they can be so popular on Ultimate Team, where prices often rise if a footballer boasts the skills to pay the bills.

There are many exclusive cheats for 5-star experts in FIFA 20, including the hat swing, the triple elastic band, the advanced rainbow and the left-to-right tornado rotation.

This year's game has seen the addition of three new skill moves: the Feint Forward and Turn, the Drag to Heel and the Ball Roll Fake Turn.

Here's the complete list of skill moves in this year's game:

ElasticoR to right then rotate through bottom to leftR to right then rotate through bottom to left
Reverse ElasticoR to left then rotate through bottom to rightR to left then rotate through bottom to right
Advanced RainbowRS ⬇ (flick), ⬆ (hold), ⬆ (flick)RS ⬇ (flick), ⬆ (hold), ⬆ (flick)
Hocus PocusRS to bottom, rotate through bottom to left, then rotate from left through bottom to rightRS to bottom, rotate through bottom to left, then rotate from left through bottom to right
Triple ElasticoRS to bottom, rotate through bottom to right, then rotate from right through bottom to leftRS to bottom, rotate through bottom to right, then rotate from right through bottom to left
Ball Roll & Flick RightRS ⬅ (hold), ⬆ (flick)RS ⬅ (hold), ⬆ (flick)
Ball Roll & Flick LeftRS ➡ (hold), ⬆ (flick)RS ➡ (hold), ⬆ (flick)
Flick TurnR1 (hold) + RS ⬆ (flick), ⬇ (flick)RB (hold) + RS ⬆ (flick), ⬇ (flick)
Ball Roll & Fake RightRS ➡ (hold), ⬅ (flick)RS ➡ (hold), ⬅ (flick)
Ball Roll & Fake LeftRS ⬅ (hold), ➡ (flick)RS ⬅ (hold), ➡ (flick)
Sombrero FlickRS ⬆, ⬆, ⬇ (flickRS ⬆, ⬆, ⬇ (flick)
Turn & Spin RightRS ⬆, ➡ (flick)RS ⬆, ➡ (flick)
Turn & Spin LeftRS ⬆, ⬅ (flick)RS ⬆, ⬅ (flick)
Rabona FakeL2 + ▢ / ◯, X + LS ⬇LT + X / B, A + LS ⬇
Elastico Chop LeftR1 (hold) + RS ➡, ⬇, ⬅ (flick)RB (hold) + RS ➡, ⬇, ⬅ (flick)
Elastico Chop RightR1 (hold) + RS ⬅, ⬇, ➡ (flick)RB (hold) + RS ⬆ (flick), ⬅ (flick)
Spin Flick LeftR1 (hold) + RS ⬆ (flick), ⬅ (flick)RB (hold) + RS ⬆ (flick), ⬅ (flick)
Spin Flick RightR1 (hold) + RS ⬆ (flick), ➡ (flick)RB (hold) + RS ⬆ (flick), ➡ (flick)
Flick OverRS ⬆ (hold)RS ⬆ (hold)
Tornado Spin LeftL1 (hold) + RS ⬆ (flick), ⬅ (flick)LB (hold) + RS ⬆ (flick), ⬅ (flick)
Tornado Spin RightL1 (hold) + RS ⬆ (flick), ➡ (flick)LB (hold) + RS ⬆ (flick), ➡ (flick)
Laces Flick UpL2 + R1 (hold)LT + RB (hold)
Sombrero Flick BackwardsL (hold)L (hold)
Sombrero Flick RightL (hold)L (hold)
Sombrero Flick LeftL (hold)L (hold)
Around The WorldR spin around (clockwise or anti-clockwise)R spin around (clockwise or anti-clockwise)
Air ElasticoRS ➡, ⬅ (flick)RS ➡, ⬅ (flick)
Reverse Air ElasticoRS ⬅, ➡ (flick)RS ⬅, ➡ (flick)
Flick Up For VolleyL (hold)L (hold)
Chest FlickL to up Hold press L3 Tap R3 x3L to up Hold press L3 Tap R x3
T. Around the WorldRotate RS clockwise then RS ⬆ (flick)Rotate RS clockwise then RS ⬆ (flick)
DragBack SombreroR1 (hold), LS Backward (flick), R3RB (hold), LS Backward (flick), RS (press)
Feint Forward and TurnRS ⬇+ RS ⬇RS ⬇+ RS ⬇
Drag to HeelL1 + RS ⬇then RS ⬅, ➡LB + RS ⬇then RS ⬅, ➡
Ball Roll Fake Turnhold L2 + RS ⬆ then RS ⬅, ➡hold LT+ RS ⬆ then RS ⬅, ➡

And, FIFA 21 launches October 9 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

The next edition of FIFA will also be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Stadia, EA Sports has confirmed.

Stay with G4mmo for more quality FIFA content and FIFA 21 Coins news. 


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