Final Fantasy XIV Market Board Guide

 I have spent a lot of free time in MMORPG for years. Every time I play it, there will be a very successful system and players will generally like it. Now MMO will never lack such a system - an auction house. Although the name may be completely different from what you normally use, it works exactly as you would expect. In FFXIV we just call it Market Board.

Aren't you higher than level 20? Then set the item level to a maximum of 20 and you won't be bombarded by a stack of items you can't even equip. let alone affordable.

This feature is particularly useful when following the build of your favorite character or class, as it helps you find exactly the project you need and build it accordingly. without having to hope and pray, because after grinding for hours you can be lucky enough to fall down.If you want to play this game, it is recommended that you try the Market Board at least once to understand the practicality of the system.

FFXIV Market Board

Where's the FFXIV Market Board?

The Market Board is the market system in Final Fantasy XIV that was implemented in A Realm Reborn to replace the Market Ward. It is accessible in the market districts of the main city-states as well as in the residential area. All market boards in each city are connected. However, there is a small fee for buying items that are sold in another city.

The market board is similar to the auction house system in Final Fantasy XI. Players can sell their items on the board after they have assigned their retainers to the market.

How to Use the Market Board?

Accessing the Market Board

Accessing the Market Board

Market boards can be found in each city-state and residential district. Their position is indicated with an icon on the map. Don't worry about entering the market board or what to look for as you can enter many different search parameters to search for different items so you can check the items you want. For example, if you just want to buy a new sword for your character with your ffxiv gil, but are still in the early stages of the game or don't know what you're looking for, you can't imagine epic gear. For this reason, this function allows you to select the category you want to search for or even not to move it up to a higher level.

Use Search Filters

market board Search Filters

There are many different ways within the market board to find items that may be specific to your role. The main thing is the search bar. I'm sure you have an idea of ​​how it works, but just to repeat it again: you go to the search bar, type what you're looking for, and in a second or two you'll be treated as a list of many items or equipment you are looking for. In addition to these items, you will find the price for each item. everything from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Check Prices

Checking Prices at market board

Players can set their own retail prices, so the cost of the items listed varies accordingly. When you display an item on the market board, you can check the prices that players have paid for that particular item. This will help you make the price decision when selling items.

Use the Wish List

market board Wish List

Articles can be added to your wish list and then displayed without the need for a search.
* Please note that all wishlist data will be deleted when worlds are serviced.

Of course, Market Board isn't a necessary feature for players to get the best equipment in the game, but knowing what you're looking for will surely prevent a lot of honing in the game from time to time. And, if you don't want to use Market Board to trade your items, will be your choice.


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