Final Fantasy XIV: Which Job to Choose

In Final Fantasy XIV you got many jobs to choose from, and you could be really good with any of them, or you could be a complete "donkey" with one.

But if you're having problems picking which one you actually want to main; I can help you with that. You can also read: Best Final Fantasy XIV Classes for Beginners.

  • You got your Tanks, which hold the frontline and protect their friends with their big, meaty bodies.
  • You got your Healers, who need to stop the idiots that are trying their hardest to die.
  • Speaking of, here are the melee DPS. They care about uptime and being up close and personal. The Ranged are too scared, so they stand in the back and help with encouraging words. And then you got the casty boys (Casters). They just care about how big their spells are. They don't care about you.

As a Tank, you're the big boss. You tell people what to do. If they're standing over at the entrance just idling around, you're the one sprinting out to the mobs, you control the pace, you pull the bosses, you pop the cooldowns.

Want to run something new for the first time? Well, too bad! You have to know everything.

Come on now! You're the Tank. You've got to tell everybody else what to do. So you have to know everything in the game: "When is this Tank buster happening?" "When do I have to Tank swap that?" "Where does this boss need to stand at this particular time?"

That's all on you, buddy.

As a Healer, it's your job to be the babysitter.

Everybody else in the group can't even function without you.

Just look at these two Tanks……

They're friendly, happy Tanks. But it's your job to make sure they don't die. That DPS over there, making best friends with the enemies AoEs?

It's your job to say, "stop it!" And if you successfully drag the party kicking and screaming through the encounter to sweet victory...

You still get no commends.

And as a DPS, you don't give a DAM what the other people do. You're just going for your big parse.

[Whispers] But parsing is illegal, so shh...

And now I'm going over all of the jobs individually so you can see if one of them strikes your fancy the most:

FFXIV Paladin

Paladin: Sword and shield. It has a Tank stance and a DPS stance that are on the global cooldown.

Rotation revolves around a DPS combo and a DoT combo.

You have a physical damage buff phase and a magical damage buff phase.

It has excellent party mitigation like the wings to protect your whole party, a shield that goes on everybody when procced with a heal, cover a Tank to take their Tank Buster, and Hallowed Ground,

which makes you completely invincible to most attacks.

Warrior: It has an ax.

It has a Tank stance and a DPS stance off the global cooldown, so you can use it anytime you want.

It's got a DPS combo and a damage buff combo.

Rotation revolves around a wrath gauge that you use to spend onreally heavy-hitting attacks like Fel Cleave.

It has a lot of adequate self-mitigation, so it has answers for many Tank Busters and probably the best invulnerability skill in the game, Holmgang, because it's on such a short cooldown. It prevents your HP from going belowone. It's also the highest DPS Tank.

ffxiv Dark Knight

Dark Knight: It's our resident edgy boy and uses a big great sword.

It has a Tank stance and a turn Tank stance off. Because you'll beusing Dark Side no matter what, which gives you more damage and access to a bunch of other darkness abilities.

It has the one DPS combo, but it manages both MP and Blood Gauge touse other DPS abilities and enhance its different abilities with Dark Arts.

Its invulnerability is Living Dead. If you were to die while you were using it, you would instead become a walking dead, and your Healers haveto heal you for full HP, or then you die. It also has The Blackest Night, one of the coolest Tank abilities. It's a shield you could put on yourself or a team member and, when it breaks, gives you more access to more DPS abilities.

It has the lowest utility of the Tanks but deals tremendous damage too.

White Mage: It has a cane. This is the most straightforward Healer.

It uses heal over time spells, and a lot of strong AoE spells aswell.

White Mage excels at just pure raw healing and damage by itself without much party utility. It has Benediction, a button where you just push it, and it'll automatically heal anybody to full. What it doesn't have is shields, so it relies on the co-Healer to get the shields up. Definitely suitable for a starting healing class - actually, it's the only one you can start healing with from the very beginning. If you want to have heal over time effects and regens, this is the Healer. Also has the best AoE damage indungeons by spamming Holy.

ffxiv Scholar

Scholar: It uses a book and a fairy. This is the pet healing class.

Scholar mostly focuses on shielding and preventing damage than it does heal over time. It uses Aether Flow, which gives it three charges of abilities per minute to spend on different types of healing or DPS abilities. You have two different fairy pets that you can use: one specializes in AoE heals and healing buffs, the other one has a speed buff, but usually, you use the stronger healing one. Scholars toolkit is very advanced and has an answer for almost any situation you throw at it.

Astrologian: it uses an astrolabe? And cards!

This Healer can actually choose between a heal over time stance or a shield stance. Usually, it wants to be in the heal over time stance,

So, it works best with Scholar. But it could do either/or.

Astrologian has the most party support of the 3 Healers because it deals with cards that will buff allies or itself or everybody, so it's a very busy Healer because it has a lot of split-second decision-making on what to do with your cards and your buffs.

ffxiv Monk

Monk: It punches with fists. You shouldn't use any weapons on this job because you should just punch with your fists. It's the melee DPS that uses the most positionals, so if you want to be really busy and move around the boss a lot, this is the one that'll be moving the most.

It doesn't bring too much utility to buff its party members, but it does bring a little bit, and its personal DPS is on the much higher side.

Samurai: It uses a katana. This is a weeb job.

Of the melee DPS, It usually has the highest personal DPS. Still, it doesn't bring any utility to the party whatsoever. This is a very selfish melee job.

It only has two positionals, but they're essential because it gives you resource for more abilities. It has three combos that build up Sen and depending on how much Sen you have when you spend them, It'll make a different DPS move.

One of them is a DoT, one of them is an AoE attack, and one of them is a powerful hitting single target attack. It also has Kenki that it builds up, and you can spend that on DPS moves. Samurai is usually regarded as morestraightforward to learn.

Ninja: it uses daggers, and it's one of the most significant party support DPS and most wanted DPS in the game right now. It has three melee combos and also uses Ninja Mudrasto execute other DPS abilities. One of them being Trick Attack: a specialability that, when used from the rear, will give everybody ten percent more damage on the boss.

So it's vital and highly played around. It's one of the faster melees because it has an ability that will boost its attack speed indefinitely, as long as you keep it up, and only has a couple of positionals. Still, they're vital, especially Trick Attack.

Its personal DPS is on the much lower end, but its raid utility is very high.

ffxiv Dragoon

Dragoon: It uses a spear, and it kills dragons and wears them as armor.

This one focuses on jumps. It jumps really, really high in the air and smashes back down, but you go into animation lock when that happens, so it's prone to dying a lot if you use those jumps at the wrong time.

Dragoon is also very sought after right now because it buffs the Bards and Machinists in the group and gives everybody a crit rate.

It has the second most positionals of all the melee DPS, but its attacks are slower to give you more time to go into those positions. It's also very mobile. You have jumps that will make you go away from the boss and jumps that'll make you go back on to the boss.

Bard: It uses a bow and arrow. Of the two Ranged DPS, it's the widely more common one. Its DPS rotation changes between three different songs. Depending on which one you're in, it'll have other effects on your rotation. Just from singing these songs alone, it's giving your party a direct critten buff. Also, you have a bunch of other buffs that you could give everybody. You can also sing another song that will reduce the damage everybody takes or put buffs on the Tank,

So they get more healing. It's a very support oriented DPS job. Its attacks are all instant. So it can move anywhere at once without losing uptime, and it's a highly valued member of any raid team.

ffxiv Machinist

Machinist: it uses agun. It also summons a turret. So, kind of like a pet, but you just kind of set it and forget it. This one is used muchless than a bard, but mostly because most people think it's a little clunky to learn.

Its rotation is slightly RNG based, but you have a lot of ways to manipulate that RNG, and it focuses solely on a 10-second window where you need to line up all of its buffs into those 10 seconds,

Otherwise, your DPS suffers greatly. It has a lot of the same roleactions and support abilities that Bard does, though it has a little bit less of its own abilities. Its DPS can be higher than Bard's but not by too much more.

Black Mage: It uses a staff. This is the common mage type Caster type of DPS. It wants to stand stillas much as it possibly can because it has long cast times. It can make some spells instant and place a buff on the floor that will raise its spell speed to attack faster, and it could also teleport around the battle field. The rotation revolves around going into a

DPS phase where you're using a lot of fire spells and using all of your MP, and then you switch over to an ice phase Where you rebuild the MP. If you stay in that long enough and keep the rotation going, you unlock a potent Spell - Foul. That is a one-shot ability that does a ton of damage. This is the highest damage Caster in the game right now, and actually the highest DPS overall in the game, If played well, the rotation itself is effortless to learn, but it's hard to learn in Specific encounters to reduce its movement and deal the most damage possible.

Summoner: it uses a book. This is thepet DPS Caster. It summons little versions of some of the primals. Its rotation revolves around keeping its DoTs up and using Aether Flow abilities to usespecial high damage attacks to unlock another phase. It uses Dread Wyrm Aetherto channel Bahamut into its body and use Death Flare attacks. After it does this twice, it's able to channel Bahamut further and actually summon him and control him to use even stronger attacks, So the rotation spans over two minutes. Most people would say it's a tricky job to learn at first, but it'smore simple to understand once you do. Its DPS is very high, Usually a little bit below Black Mage, and it's very mobile. Summoner is also one of the only two DPS classes that can raise in battle.

ffxiv Red Mage

Red Mage: It uses a sword and a focus 'THING-A-MA-BOB' that it puts together. Red Mage rotation focuses around using black magic and white magic to slowly build them up at the same time and then spend that on powerful Melee attacks that will then be used as a finisher of either a white magic or a black magic spell, depending on where your bars are.So it's a cool balancing act. You're going to be alternating between white magic and black magic, depending on what you need at the time.

It also has many procs that will change what you're going to be doing as well. It's also the only DPS that has a heal that could be used in pinches, but you really don't want to be using it most of the time. Every other cast it does becomes instant, so it has good mobility, and it's the other Caster that can raise. So you can insta cast raises on Red Mage, and it becomes very valuable in progging new fights. Still, its DPS is the lowest of the three Casters, so its value goes down a little bit after you get out of prog.


In the end, this is all up to you. Personal preference is key. Pick something that you will enjoy playing. Even if you may think it will be difficult, the only limiting factor is your time, and if time is your limit, why not purchase a class package or a power leveling boost from Here you can purchase different packages to help you get an edge in the game and let G4MMO do all the work for you.


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