The One-Stop FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide

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So you've chosen to play the class Blue Mage FFVIX offers its players, and why wouldn't you? The Blue Mage is a unique solo FFXIV job who possesses exclusive features and gameplay elements that other classes do not.

But not everything is rosey with the FFXIV Blue Mage leveling: it is the only class that possesses a lower level cap of 70, while being forbidden from PvP, Duty Roulette, Deep Dungeon., and so on. Furthermore, they can only learn Blue Mage FFXIV spells after copying them from others.

So with all of these obstacles in your way, how do you easily level the Blue Mage? You will have all your questions answered, just read on through our FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide that our team of gamers at G4mmo have crafted just for you!

Teaming Up

One of the most basic methods to ease Blue Mage FFXIV leveling is by teaming up with other players. This could be a friend, and maybe they too need to levelcap their Blue Mage. To have the smoothest experience possible, try to get a level capped Healer class along with you.

Something else you need to keep in mind is that you and your partner will not be able to stay in a party together, as this will lead to your Blue Mage not gaining any experience.This forces you and your partner to set up an alternate method of communication.

You can disregard this method in this FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide if you don't have anybody that can team up with you.

Ideal Blue Mage FFXIV Leveling Locations

Assuming that you have found your partner to help you level up, you need to make your way towards a zone in Heavensward that contains a lot of open-world mobs that stand at level 59. Two places that we recommend are the north-western area of Azys Lla, or the Hinterlands near Matoya's Cave.

Hinterlands near Matoya's Cave

On the off chance that you haven't unlocked these areas yet, there is an alternative. Your partner will need access to a mount that can carry both, your Blue Mage FFXIV class and himself, into the northern area of the Sea of Clouds. This location and method will only help you level up to around level 50, after which unlocking the Heavensward locations for Blue Mage FFXIV leveling is paramount.

How to Kill Mobs for Leveling

Before we move further in this FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide, we need to ask you to make sure that your Blue Mage is NOT partied up with your partner who is leveling with you or helping your Blue Mage FFXIV class level, since you don't want to miss all the exp you'd get.

You partner should ideally be one that can shield your Blue Mage from dying by a single hit. Once you have that part secure, you have to start tagging the mobs that you want killed, after which your partner can take them out for you.

Using single-target Blue Mage spells FFXIV offers like Flying Sardine should do the job, but make sure you tag the mob before letting your partner kill them to ensure you get the experience!

We understand if all of this effort just seems like too much work though; afterall, why did they have to make the Blue Mage FFXIV such a tough class to level? You have every right to want an easier time at getting stronger.

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Which are the Best Blue Mage Spells FFXIV?

It would be best to just cover the important spells and combos for Blue Mage to make your leveling easier.

The Blue Mage Spells FFXIV offers you to choose from are not plenty, as the only options you get are the spells that you learn from watching monsters perform the skill.

While the options available are not a lot, they still are a handful when compared to how many of the Blue Mage spells FFXIV gives you actually prove useful. Blue Mages can play any one from the three roles: Healer, Magical DPS, or a Tank, and below, we have mentioned our picks for the most useful skills that fit into each of those specific categories.


Angel's Snack: You gain access to this skill atlevel 70, which provides an AoE healing which also leaves a heal over time.

Exuviation: Your classic healing spell that heals you by a lot, attained from Abalathian Wamura.

Pom Cure: You receive this spell after completing Thornmarch on Hard or Extreme. This spell heals your entire party for 500, which is pretty insane.

These specific spells cover the need forself-heals, AoE heals, as well as party-heals, which a Healer needs to provide to be considered useful.

Magical DPS

This wouldn't be a FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide without talking about its DPS role. Most of the Blue Mage Spells FFXIV has you choose from are DPS, so it's no wonder if this is the path you decide to venture in; although it would be critical to note that the worthwhile BlueMage FFXIV spells you learn come mostly from dungeons and trials!

Matra Magic: Attained once you learn 100 spells; deals a flat 800 damage.

Phantom Flurry: Casts a very strong AoE in front ofyour Blue Mage; attained from Hell's Kier.

Cold Fog: A counter spell with a high potency; obtained from the last boss in The Burn.

ffxiv Cold Fog

Song of Torment: One of the best DoT Blue Mage Spells FFXIV offers you, with a tick of 25 over 30 seconds, totaling at 350 damage; obtained from the final boss in Pharos Sirius.

Unlike the Healer, a DPS's role is just to make sure things drop dead. And all of the above mentioned skills make sure you deal more than enough damage output you'd need, whether you are soloing or trying to carry your party members.


Chelonian Gate: Apart from granting amazing damage reduction, you also attain a potency 1000 attack, which is nothing to scoff at; attained from the final boss in Hell's Lid.

Frog Legs: This spell provokes every enemy around you. Useful, but use with caution; attained from Dravinian Hinterlands from the Poroggos.

Cactguard: Reduces damage taken by the whole party by 15%. A must-obtain skill; attained from the Sabotender Guardia in the Sunken Temple of Qarn.

Tanks are undoubtedly the most valued members of any party, and the above skills will allow you to sponge hits comfortably while also buffing your allies up at the same time. There are many useful tanking spells though, so feel free to mix and experiment as you see fit.

And there you have it, that has been our FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide! Like our content? Be sure to browse through our website for more!

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