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Dark Matter NBA 2K21: All You Need to Know

09/22/2020 AM

Dark Matter NBA 2K21 has confused many in the community about what 2K Games is trying to point out. Some 2k fans said "Can’t wait to have a opal and dark matter team they looks so good." and some said "No it’s a visual glitch I’m pretty sure". Now let's take a look at Dark Matter NBA 2K21.

A cryptic post in the latest NBA 2K21 MyTeam Court Report has sparked discussion and excitement among players. While little information on dark matter has been provided, the fact that it was in the MyTeam report provides at least one gameplay.

first look at dark matter in NBA 2K21

While the actual writing from 2K Games was very light, there has been a lot of speculation and theories as to what "dark matter" could be. YouTuber and 2K gamer DBG has a theory on what dark matter is and how it will completely change the landscape of MyTeam in 2K21.

Dark Matter NBA 2K21: All you need to know

In the video, DBG explains the above tier system for NBA 2K MyTeam cards. Introduced a few years ago with Diamonds, Pink Diamonds, Opal Galaxy, etc., there seems to be a shake up with MyTeam.

DBG speculates that dark matter will replace the top-level classifications and completely reset all classifications below it. This affects which cards are ranked based on their overall ratings. The Diamond and Pink Diamond cards could be further shortened to give your entire group a new title, if properly named by DBG. Stay up to date with G4mmo for all the latest on NBA 2K21 MT and news.


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