A Guide to Path of Exile Microtransactions

Path Of Exile offers the option to purchase additional microtransaction content for your character and game. We're not getting to the point, though, as their offers are almost entirely cosmetic and don't matter to the game unless the extra stash tabs mean payment to you.

microtransactions in Path Of Exile

What are microtransactions on the path of exile?

You can purchase microtransactions in-game or in the "Store" section of the Path Of Exile website. This is where you can buy extra storage space in your stash, fancy pants, cosmetics, gun skins, and other gear as pets.

To access microtransactions in the game, press the "M" key and you will be added to the "Microtransactions" menu. Here you can easily see what specials are currently available, as well as the latest kit that has been added to the game.

These are largely cosmetic in nature and don't give you any in-game advantage. However, buying stash tabs gives you additional space to store items you may find on your travels.

Tips on using microtransactions

Step 1: get a support package

path of exile Pitfighter supporter pack

Path of Exile uses a currency called Points to buy microtransactions. And the exchange rate is quite simple, it costs $ 1 for every 10 points, but the best way is to buy a support package.

A variety of Backer Packs are available in the Path of Exile store, ranging from $ 30 to $ 480. In my opinion, the $ 60 Supporter Pack offers the best value for money.

For example, Pitfighter Support Pack is one of my favorites. It offers you a complete set of armor, weapon effect, back accessory, portrait frame and much more. More importantly, it gives you 550 points that you can also spend on other microtransactions.

Step 2: wait for a sale

Then you must be patient and wait. Wait for a sale.

Path of Exile constantly sells microtransactions. Special sales are held here with discounts on valuable items such as stash tabs, especially on weekends.

So keep your horses and wait for a sale to take place to spend the points you received from your support package.

Step 3: first go to the "Stash and currency" tabs

Once you see a sale in the currency records and stash tabs. Go get it!

The Currency tab is one of the most useful items in Path of Exile. This item is an easy way to manage all of the loot you've gathered in one neat tab so you can easily find items at any time.

If you can only buy one item, go to the Currency tab.

Next, you need to invest in premium booking tabs. Storage tabs provide additional space for storing items. And it is a must to trade items with other players.

If you have bonus points or see a good deal on the Map Stash tabs, get one too. It will come in handy when you get to the endgame content.

Step 4: save your points

I'm not a huge fan of spending points on other useless cosmetics, pets, effects, and other items. So it's up to you to spend the rest of your points however you want.

But if I were you, I'd save my points for the future. Path of Exile is an ever-evolving game and new content and items are constantly being added to the game.

Save on these points if you want to buy something really worthwhile.

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