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10 Things about Path of Exile: Harvest

06/17/2020 AM

Grinding Gear Games will releas Path of Exile: Harvest On June 19, including the rework of two-handed weapons and slow attacks, Warcries, Brands and more. Here are 10 things you want to know about expansion and the challenge league.

1.Volcano renderer

For those of you who haven't played Path of Exile lately due to performance issues, the Harvest League could be the time to come back. GGG's new Vulkan renderer has dramatically improved gaming performance on almost all computers.

Most cards in the endgame are filled with hundreds of on-screen monsters and dozens of effects that trigger at the same time. This leads to major problems and low frame rates on most machines, but many players using the Vulkan renderer report solid frame rates even during the most intense card encounters. Once this feature exits beta when Harvest starts, the game should run better for most people.

2.Slam additions

While Path of Exile allows tens of thousands of builds, a meta is always set in each league. Most players tend to do spells or automated builds that require little input, and leave most melee characters in the dust.

The Harvest League will give some love to two-handed weapons and slam skills. Skills like Earthquake and Tectonic Slam are now considered slam skills and can use new support stones to improve the game style. These skills should now have screen-wide AoEs when created correctly, while causing ridiculous damage per slam

3. Warcry overhaul

War cries have been in a strange place in the path of exile since their inception. Your support fans are lackluster most of the time, with the exception of Rallying Cry, so this league will introduce some important changes to Warcries.

Now Warcries are reducing enemy power, not numbers. This means that warcries should be much stronger in most cases. Better still, most Warcries grant the new mechanic exercised, causing a player's next attack to do much more damage over a larger radius.

4.New unique items

It would not be a Path of Exile league without new, unique pieces to experiment with. In addition to 12 new uniques, GGG is also revising over 50 below-average uniques.

One of the new unique pieces shown so far is Doryani's prototype. This uniqueness reduces armor from lightning damage caused by hits, while enemies near the user are treated with lightning protection. Players will want to run with negative lightning resistance to maximize their damage, but building enough armor to mitigate this major disadvantage should result in some unorthodox builds that would otherwise be impractical.

5. Brand changes

Tokens are a unique type of spell in the path of exile that binds and detonates to monsters and activates a powerful effect. There are some important changes and some new types of brands to try out in this category of spells.

Marks can be retrieved less often, and marks drop to their original location when a monster dies, rather than beneath them. While these are undoubtedly big nerfs, GGG has added two new brand types to keep the game style interesting. Penance tokens act like traps and briefly build damage before they explode. Arcanist tokens activate assisted spells that should enable some powerful spell synergies that would otherwise be impossible.

6. Delirium going core

The Delirium League has managed to make the Path of Exile endgame much more difficult. Players who loved the brutal encounters in this league will be delighted to hear that they will be added to the core game after Harvest launches.

Players have a small chance of finding a delirium mirror on a map. Unlike most league mechanics who got to the core, delirium's chance of appearing exponentially increases exponentially as more league mechanics appear on the map. For example, if players have a card with Beyond, Incursion, Breach, and Legion on the same card, their chances of finding a delirium mirror are incredibly high.

7. Passive tree changes

The Path of Exile passive tree is one of the game's most recognizable features. The myriad of choices allow for an almost infinite number of builds, and there are even more options available.

Many of the cornerstones of Legion's jewels are added to the passive heartwood to allow more variety in building. In addition to the new keystones, there will be new passive knots related to two-handed weapons, Warcries, and the Rage mechanic, to name a few.

8. Crafting

Craft is the big boost for the Harvest League. Killing monsters gives players their vitality to grow plants and, more importantly, make modifiers for their equipment.

The developers have stated that these crafting mods can mimic attribute-specific sublime bullets that anyone can use, which should make leveling and equipping in the early game much smoother. In addition, there are hundreds of new modifiers in this league that could compete with those of the Synthesis League. If anyone ever wanted to create an overpowering character, this could be the best league to do so.

9. Gardening

In order for plants to grow, the player's garden must have adequate irrigation and a solid design. Grinding Gear Games has made it clear that players do not have to be a "Factorio" master to play this league, but optimizing your garden is not a waste.

In typical ARPG fashion, players use enemy vitality to grow plants instead of water. Monsters killed in this garden have a chance to drop higher-ranking seeds that require certain conditions to grow, from certain seeds that surround it to more vitality. Leftover vitality can be saved for growing future seeds.

10. The sacred grove

Instead of finding new enemies, players instead manage a garden called Sacred Grove.

Each zone has a seed cache that players can maintain and plant in the Sacred Grove. When you complete cards or the story, the plants mature and can be harvested. Bring out enemies, defeat them, and get new items and vitality to craft modifiers for.

In Path of Exile: Harvest, there will be more of our balance focus on Brands, Warcries and two-handed weapons. As a result of Delirium going core, balance cluster jewels and their place within the game will be a trend. And two-handed weapons with big slow hits by improving these investment options across the board will be improved, also poe currency trading system will be much better.


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