World of Warcraft Classic Gold Making Guide

WoW Classic gold making guide

Aside from levelling up their character, one of the primary concerns of the thousands of players who have entered World of Warcraft Classic since they started will be earning gold.

You are right in the sense that almost every monster drops it and many quests forgive it. But gold in World of Warcraft Classic is hard to come by now. You'll see silver and copper rewards, which you'll cover in many cases, but rustling the money for fancy mounts can be a real challenge.

If you want to minimize the time it takes to make money and the gold you need to do a variety of other expenses, here are some tips and strategies for making gold in WoW Classic.

Choose the best professions

In WoW Classic, professions are an integral part of the game and will be important in every phase. While some professions can help craft items that you use for raid and PvP, professions are also a great way to craft gold. If your primary goal is to make gold, some professions are better than others. Below is a ranking that shows how the various professions related to gold making are strictly classified.

S-tier: skinning
A-tier: alchemy, herbalism, mining
B-tier: leather processing
C-Tier: Adorable, engineering
D-Tier: tailoring, blacksmithing

Craft professions definitely offer ways to make money by making items or providing services that are very valuable. They also consume a lot of resources. In general, it is more efficient to collect professions during leveling and then switch once you have reached level 60 and have built up enough bank - especially for professions such as engineering or enchanting, which are particularly expensive to level up.

Make a second character for disenchanting

If you plan to have more than one character active and leveling at the same time - a great way to use rested experience - make the second one magician. This must be a character you want to level up, as your enchanting skills must also increase to continue to disenchant higher level items.

While maintaining your main character from 1 to 60, focus on the disillusionment of the entry-level class, for which you don't have to make any significant effort to keep up.

Creating enchants at a lower level is usually not worth it (endgame enchants are a different story). Enchanting materials can be relatively lucrative compared to the green and blue devices they come from.


wow classic gold farming

In World of Warcraft, "farming" is the process of repeatedly killing enemies, ideally in large groups, to "farm" them for experience or prey. Farming refers to killing enemies who drop valuable items, either to sellers or to sellers in the auction house. There are many places where you can work at a profit, but some of the most profitable places are listed below.

The key to farming material dungeons is either killing the monsters yourself or not being seen by them. For this reason, most of this type of farming is done by villains or druids because they can sneak through. Then there are hunters and other strong solo classes that can kill anything that drops something useful.

Farming is also a very effective level strategy when you are working on content that is in your level - either world monsters or dungeons with a group. So if you're only dealing with this endgame, it's definitely worth considering. For others, it may only come into play if you have to specifically earn money for a large payment like a mount.

When it comes to details, it's about what works best for you. You can go through lower-level content alone or band together to fight tougher opponents. Some growing strategies aim to sell unusual items of equipment at the auction house, while others are more reliable when it comes to offering coins and crafting materials such as fabrics.

Some classes are stronger in farming than others - magicians are particularly characterized by their large selection of AOE and kite tools - and therefore your choice of class also influences what is best for you to manage and whether you join together or go alone.

With so many potential locations for farming, it's worth trying a few different approaches without first spending too many hours on them to get a feel for what you'll find easiest, most enjoyable, and most profitable.

Auction house

wow classic auction house

One of the ancient ways to make money in World of Warcraft is to make money buying and selling items in the auction house. However, compared to other methods, this requires a lot more entry fee and runs the risk of losing money if you make the wrong decisions.

The key to making money with the auction house is understanding the markets. They want to buy items when they are cheap and sell them at a higher price to make gold. However, this is easier said than done and can be risky if you make incorrect predictions and the price of an item you buy drops. The markets are different on every server and every faction. So you have to do your own research if you want to earn gold from the auction house this way.

There are two main approaches that you can use to play the auction house. The first, classic speculation is to buy cheap and sell expensive - which sounds simple on the surface, but requires a thorough knowledge of the market to get the most out of it, since choosing the right items helps identify bargains Understand where prices could fluctuate and also buy items with sufficient demand so that you can sell them again in a timely manner.

The second approach is to try to monopolize a particular market by buying out all of its competitors. This way, you can set a price with a significant profit margin, where anyone who wants or needs the item has no choice but to pay.

Use your downtime

If you're not ready to quest or kill, fish instead: deviant fish are always popular for Savory Deviate Delight or Oily Blackmouth or Firefin Snappers for alchemy. If you have a few minutes before friends log in, you can use it to find a few beast monsters to kill and skin. You can also search the auction house for enchanting items or materials that you can combine into a higher-priced item using your professions.

Auctionator is a useful mod that allows you to display prices for stackable items in the auction house and record historical prices.

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