FFXIV Ninja Job Guide

What is a Ninja in FFXIV?

Like in any MMORPG, there are many classes or jobs in FFXIV’s case. Ninja is one of the 20 jobs available to players in Final Fantasy XIV. Ninja is a melee DPS (Damage per second) job that any race can play. Unlike many other MMORPGs, FFXIV allows both males and females of all races to play, most if not all, classes in FFXIV.

So what is a Ninja? Well, to answer a question with another question, do you enjoy casting loads of ninjitsu along with crazy weapon skills while not having a skill cap? Do you enjoy dancing through shadows and having one of the more visually impressive abilities in FFXIV? If you answered yes, and enjoy a challenge, then Ninja is the class for you.

Ninja Difficulty

Ninja is known for its complicated combos and timing; this class is certainly not for the faint of heart. Due to the nature of a ninja portrayed in anime and predecessor game titles, FFXIV has naturally made it a skill mastered through time and practice. We would suggest Ninja for those who wish for a challenge and enjoy great melee DPS. For this reason, we mark Ninja as 4 out of 5 in terms of difficulty.

Ninja Strengths and Weaknesses

Still can’t figure out if this class is for you? Well, check out this list of strengths and weaknesses to further your choice for this class.


●Great burst damage potential in both AOE and single target fights
●Mobility and evasiveness
●Great range of dynamics between attacks
●Has access to ranged abilities (clones)
●Skill Cap - Better you are, the better the class


●Medium to low damage (If not played correctly)
●Difficult to master
●Requires Trick Attack to be off CD to keep up with other DPS
●Skill cap - The more inexperienced you are, the worse the job
So as you can see, Ninja has many strengths, but most of its weaknesses come from inexperience with the job. Don’t worry; however, this guide will show you the tricks to master the Ninja job.

Stat Priority

Below is the stat priority for the Ninja Job:
●Weapon Damage
●Critical Hit
●Direct Hit
●Skill Speed

Most players fall for the idea that Skill Speed is the priority. While Skill Speed lowers global cooldowns, the ninjitsu has a set cooldown timer, meaning Skill Speed does not affect the cooldowns of ninjitsu. Ninjitsu is well into the central core of your rotations, so gaining damage instead of global cooldowns is way more worth it.


Rotation rotation rotation. There is a lot to go over here, so I’ll try to keep it as simple as possible. Remember that this is meant for the late game, and you should be at least a little familiar with each spell and what they can/can’t do for you.


This is what is generally accepted as the best opening set of skills:
●Roughly 15 seconds before engaging, use Huton
●8 Seconds before the pull, cast Doton, then immediately use Hide
●At 5 seconds before the pull, start the mudras for Suiton
●Cast Suiton as you pull the mob (or tank pulls)
●After Suiton use Kassatsu
●Spinning Edge into Tincture of Dexterity
●Gust Slash into Mug followed by Bunshin
●After this use, Aeolian Edge
●Then use Spinning Edge into Trick Attack
●Shadow Fang into Dream Within a Dream
●Hyosho Ranryu into Assassinate
●Ten Chi Jin followed by Fuma Shuriken into Raiton
●Suiton followed by Meisui
●Gust Slash into Bhavacakra
●Aeolian Edge Icon Aeolian Edge into Bhavacakra

That should be your opener, I know it’s a lot, but this is the most optimal way to start an engagement. Once you’ve mastered it, you will notice the damage difference.

Main Rotation

Ninja’s damage and job within a raid/party or even solo content are to have Trick Attack open as often as possible. Trick Attack allows for an additional 5% damage dealt with the target, which is significant when considering the late game.

So your damage exists in two phases commonly referred to by the community as the:
●Burst Phase
●Builder Phase

During the burst phase, you will want to expend all your damage, while during the builder phase, you want to build back up to your burst phase by having all combos ready. Simple enough, but harder said than done. Let’s break the burst phase down a little further.

Burst Phase

During the burst phase, you want to use at least (x) amounts of attacks during the Trick attack window:
●One to Two uses of raiton
●One use of Shadow Fang
●Three uses of Bhavacakra
●One use of Assassinate
●One use of Dream within a dream
●One use of Hyosho Randy

If you can manage at least those amounts of attacks and have decent gear, you should be mid to top DPS in dungeons/raids.

Gearing Your Ninja - Endwalker

Speaking of decent gear, here is what gear you should be focusing on for the new Endwawlker expansion:
●Main Hand - Asphodelos Daggers (Grants 120 DMG, 304 DEX, 320 VIT, CRT 269, DET 188)
●Head Gear - Augmented Radiant’s Visor of Scouting (Grants 180 DEX, 188 VIT, DH 113, and CRT 162)
●Body - Asphodelos Himation of Scouting (Grants DEX 285, VIT 299, DH 257, and CRT 180)
●Hands - Asphodelos Gloves of Scouting (Grants DEX 180, VIT 188, CRT 113, and DET 162)
●Legs - Asphodelos Hose of Scouting (Grants DEX 285, VIT 299, CRT 257, and DET 180)
●Feet - Augmented Radiant’s Greaves of Scouting (Grants DEX 180, VIT 188, DH 113, and CRT 162)
●Earrings - Asphodelos Earrings of Aiming (Grants DEX 142, VIT 148, DH 89, and CRT 127)
●Necklace - Augmented Radiant’s Chocker of Aiming (Grants DEX 142, VIT 148, CRT 89, and DET 127)
●Bracelets - Augmented Radiant’s Bracelet of Aiming (Grants DEX 142, VIT 148, CRT 127, and DET 89)
●Rings - Augmented Radiant’s Ring of Aiming and Asphodelos Ring of Aiming (Grants 248 DEX, 296 VIT, 178 DH, CRT 127, and DET 127)

That should do it for your best in slot equipment for patch 6.05.


That does it for this guide! We hope you enjoyed and learned something new; if you enjoyed check out our other articles here. If you want to buy some cheap FFXIV Gil, check out our store for super cheap deals! Happy hunting!


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